Friday, August 6, 2010

First Everett Book Review's A Winner!

Click HERE to read the superlative review of my Bill Everett book by the good folks at It's the first of what's destined to be an explosion of press coming in the next few months so keep your eyes on my Bill Everett Book News Page, the centralized location for all things related to the book.

In other book-related news, tonight I'll get a look at the "finished" product that will be Unexplored Worlds: The Steve Ditko Archives v2 sent electronically from the designer. We're looking to have it go to the printers on Monday, so I'll be spending my Saturday reviewing every inch of it.

Also, tomorrow I'm going to be posting about my not-so-secret trip down to New York City that took place this past week (bloggin' from the highway through Hamilton, Ontario as this is being written) with pics from various comic-book locations in the city. Will I also mention the super-secret book project that began to take shape whilst I was there? Come back tomorrow and find out!

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