Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cover image chosen for "Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1"

Back in December, we opened our second contest related to my next book, "Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1" (reprinting Everett's 1938-42 non-Marvel Comics work) - choose the cover art and be entered into a draw to win a copy, the book being released at the San Diego Comicon in July '11!

The choices came in on my Blog and on my Bill Everett Facebook Page. The submissions then went to the publisher, Fantagraphics, who made the final choice and it is what you see to your left; Victory Comics #1 featuring Everett's The Conqueror! Co-publishers Kim Thompson and Gary Groth thought this cover emphasized numerous aspects that would appropriately market the book. First, it had a Golden Age feel to it (versus a lot of Everett's illustrative work), representing the mad chaos of action that was synonymous with that era's books (typified by Everett's peer, Alex Schomburg) and, second, that it emphasized that this volume was filled to the brim with Everett's superhero creations (versus some of the other cover choices that lacked a central, heroic figure on which to focus).

Two contestants had chosen this image. Their names were entered into the draw, and a third party picked out the winner (without even seeing the two names)...Jamie Coville! Look for your copy, Jamie, when the book is released.

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  1. Sweet! Assuming I get a hotel I can probably pick this up at San Diego :)