Friday, March 18, 2011

Listen to my interview re: Everett & Ditko

Click HERE to listen to a podcast of my hour-long interview, conducted this past week for Vancouver radio with Robin McConnell. We spend the hour discussing all things Bill Everett and Steve Ditko. Our main focus is on my upcoming book, Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1 - debuting at this year's San Diego Comicon which features Bill Everett's non-Marvel Comics work from 1938-1942, collected for the first time. However, we also delve into my Steve Ditko Archives series, as we look forward to volume three coming out towards the end of 2011. Check out the rest of the interviews on Robin's site - he is the premier interviewer when it comes to gathering the industry's talent to talk about comics (case in point - the interview before mine was with one of my all-time favourites - Joe Sacco). Click HERE to listen to the 2008 Inkstuds interview for the release of my Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko book.

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