Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Purchase My Books" Page is now up!

I've just created a "Purchase My Books" page on my blog where you can order (and pre-order) all my books from, and those to which I've contributed, at big discounts! You can also order directly from my publisher Fantagraphics Books Inc. or if you want to order a signed copy of a book directly from me, please email me at A nice checklist of my writing career...which also includes an oddity: I ran a Thompson Twins fan web site starting in 1996 and BMG U.K. hired me in 2003 to write the linear notes and compose the track listing for the Greatest Hits of the 1980s new wave, synth-pop power house (known mostly for their #1 hit, Hold Me Now). Lead singer Tom Bailey still pays compliments to my recap of that era. Anyway, help me feed my hungry mouths with a purchase of my books, thank you kindly!

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