Saturday, July 28, 2012

Listen to 90 mins on Ditko, Everett & My Upcoming Projects

Want the latest update on the next Steve Ditko Archives (v4), Bill Everett Archives (v2), and our Secret History of Marvel Comics book that's due later this year?

Click here for the Distinguished Comic Book Podcast page run by Zack Kruse and Ben Tiede. Episode #38 is 90 minutes of yours truly discussing the aforementioned topics with Zack and Ben, easily downloadable into your tacknology. We also take a look behind the scenes at Fantagraphics with how these projects are put together, and discuss the Golden Age of comics that we've existed in for the past 10 years on two fronts. First, the stunning amount of archival reprint material put out by companies like Fantagraphics, Marvel, DC, etc. Second, the superb quality of graphic storytelling by the likes of Joe Sacco, Guy Delisle, Seth, Chester Brown, Chris Ware, etc. We're in the golden age of (cable) television drama and of comics, and we discuss the latter at length.


  1. Hi, Blake - I'm just getting into the comic book podcasts and ran across this interview that I really enjoyed. I'm also getting back into comics (especially collected editions and archives) from the Silver Age and before, so these Steve Ditko archives look like must-haves. (Same for your upcoming Secret History of Marvel Comics.)

    One of the things I like to do is find connections with Christianity and the arts (usually in film), and from listening to your interview, I'd certainly like to read more that explores that area in comics. I often talk about Christianity and the arts at my blog,

    so feel free to drop by. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

    Andy Wolverton

  2. Hi Andy. Glad you enjoyed it. Steve Ditko Archives v1 is sold out at Amazon and the publisher, so email me privately if you'd like a signed copy. Took a look at your blog. Great job!