Monday, February 4, 2013

Finder's Fee for Bill Everett Archives Help!

That's right - if you can help us find someone with a copy (someone who possesses the original comic book) of Target Comics v1 #8 and Silver Streak Comics #1, we will give you a copy of Heroic Comics: The Bill Everett Archives v2 (pictured left) and Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1. (Click HERE to email me.)

These are the last two items we need to complete the Bill Everett Archives v2. Target #8 contains a 6-page "Chameleon" story by Bill. Silver Streak #1 contains a text story with its first page having two illustrations by Bill. If we get these two, we'll have documented all of Bill's Golden Age work (quite an achievement, given the rarity of this 1938-42 material).

Target #8 is a challenge because it contains a Basil Wolverton Spacehawk story. Silver Streak #1 is also tough because of its 1939 date (and the Alan Cross and subsequent reprints left out the text story). I fear that the practice of "slabbing" books has likely led to a number of these key Golden Age books being encased in plastic for all time, hence the challenges we're having in locating them.

That's why we're offering a finder's fee. Of course, the person who owns the comics will get comp. copies of the Archives series, but if you find that person, we'll comp you, and put your name in the latest book too.

Volume two is going to be the last in the Bill Everett Archives series, so it would be a real shame to not have that work of his documented. Please pass a link to this message amongst your peers and retailers.


  1. Hi Blake, I'm just curious (and not too well informed in regards to Everett's career) but will Vol. 2 be the final book because his later work was for Marvel or are there other reasons that the series won't be continuing. All the Best.

  2. I would think in this internet age that you'd have no trouble finding anything!