Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Secret History Of Marvel Comics" 1st Look!

We're back for the third time in a week; this time with news on the release of my third book coming out this fall: "The Secret History Of Marvel Comics". The publisher, Fantagraphics, has received some promo copies, and we've got three teaser images to whet your appetite! (Click to enlarge)

If you want a crack at getting your copy first, you can click HERE to pre-order the book right from the Fantagraphics website. The book is on target for a mid-to-late October release (right after my Bill Everett Archives vol. 2 book, and my Steve Ditko Archives vol. 4 book, also out in early October).

Marvel Comics would probably prefer that their origins go unremembered, but myself and early Marvel historian, Dr. Michael J. Vassallo, trace Marvel's roots in the sordid, exploitative pulp publishing empire of Martin Goodman. You'll also be treated to a bounty of rare, never-before-reprinted artwork by such comics legends as Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, Alex Schomburg, Bill Everett, Al Jaffee, and Dan DeCarlo, plus top-tier pulp artists, including Norman Saunders, John Walter Scott, Hans Wesso, and L.F. Bjorklund.


  1. Loved your first 2 books - can't wait for this

  2. Managed to get early copies of this and the new Ditko Archives at the Small Press Expo over the weekend. Great looking stuff! Any signings coming up?

  3. Hi there. Glad you're enjoying them! Re: signings coming up: yes, quite a big one! Details here: