Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bill Everett Archives Contest! Pick Your Favourite Cover!

"Heroic Tales: The Bill Everett Archives vol. 2" is making its way through bookstores and through the digital stores like Comixology, but you can win a copy of both volumes in our "Pick Your Favourite Bill Everett Cover Contest!"

Our friends over at the website, Wednesday's Heroes, run a feature called "Top Ten Covers" where, you guessed it, they feature the top ten covers of a particular artist with commentary by writers like yours truly.

I'll be doing up such a feature for Bill Everett, but here's where you can help, and snag yourself a copy of both volumes in the Archives series.

Simply tell us what is your favourite Bill Everett cover, and why it's your favourite, either in the Comments Section below, or on my personal Facebook page, or like my Bill Everett Facebook Page and post it there.

If yours is the same as mine (which I won't reveal until I post my entire list on the Wednesday's Heroes site), you'll be eligible to win both volumes. If more than one person picks my favourite, all those who did will be entered in a random draw and the winner will announced here on my site.

Got it? Here's a helpful start. Click on THIS LINK at to view 345 different Bill Everett covers. Feel feel to post the title name and issue number, as well as a link to the cover (or, if on Facebook, just post the cover). The only "catch" is that the first cover you post, that's the one that gets considered for the contest. Now...GO! (Contest ends Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 11:59pm.)


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  2. Navy Tales #1. Anything with water provides great texture as well as a double image above/below surface.

  3. Amazing Mystery Funnies V2#5. The best of his Centaur work, and one that always seems to stand up well against everything else he did. Perhaps it's the choice of colors - or the lack of a central character in the image, but the cover - as a whole - works so well. Add to that, the scarcity of book, and it's a real treat to see one whenever it shows up.

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  4. I'm partial to Astonishing #55. The relative simplicity of the design, plus the color selection, do a great job of focusing on the creature, and almost distract you from noticing the figure in front. Who, I might add, is particularly well drawn with some great light/shadow features. The background doesn't have a lot of detail, but there's some very nice texturing going on that I quite like too.

  5. SubMariner #57... Submariner and Namora !! Fantastic cover!

  6. I'm going to go with the cover to Blue Bolt #4. It's a simple, beautiful cover with amazing coloring. I don't know if Bill was responsible for it, but it definitely adds to the intensity of the cover. I picked up the actual comic for $1 in a used book shop in Cleveland, Ohio around 1971 when I was 10 years old. It was my first Golden Age comic. Even though I hadn't heard of Sub-Zero Man or even Blue Bolt at the time, the book was very memorable, as is the dynamic cover image.

  7. Sub-Mariner Comics #33 -- a great Cold War cover and a beautiful portrait of Namor himself!


  8. I pick Marvel Tales #153. I love "end of the world" covers and this is my all-time fave. Such great detail. Fantastic work.

  9. There are so many, but I just love Men's Adventures #22. Everything from the yellow logo over the bright green background to the 3 small images on the left, to the awesome stare from the caped vampire is just perfect. I love the look on the person's face in the foreground and the monster's grin is priceless. That image needs no descriptive caption. Add in the textured background and the tight details on the monster and his green color that matches the border background (which really makes him stand out) and this is a classic horror masterpiece.