Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Top 10 Bill Everett Covers" Feature for Wednesday's Heroes

As if I haven't written enough these days, here's another 2000+ words on one of my favorite artists, Bill Everett!

Craig Rogers runs the "Wednesday's Heroes" website and he commissioned me to write an installment for his "Top 10 Covers" feature, in light of the release last month of my book, Heroic Tales: The Bill Everett Archives Vol. 2.

I first caught wind of the "Top 10 Covers" feature when I saw Tom Field do the same for Gene Colan, and was interested myself in what I'd label as Everett's ten best covers, not too much how I'd ever be able to order them ten through to one.

Blessedly, Everett was great from start to finish in his career, so there's representation from 1939 up to the year of his passing in 1973.

Leave your feedback below, or at the Wednesday's Heroes site, about my 10 and how it may compare to your choices!

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  1. I think my top ten would include Marvel Mystery Comics #9, with Namor and the Torch, Spaceman #1--a touch of Feldstein, or Chesley Bonestall--not a bad thing on an sf cover, Sub-Mariner #33, Suspense #23--okay, maybe I'm too influenced by my affection for the story, "Vampire, Beware," a favorite Everett horror piece, and Amazing Man #5, with A-Man putting the bite on a cobra.--Bob Cosgrove