Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bookgasm reviews of my 3 Ditko books

Yesterday, we cracked the news re: the title and cover image for my next next book ('cause I still have Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1 on its way in September), Mysterious Traveler: The Steve Ditko Archives v3 that will be coming out in November.

In the meantime, Rod Lott welcomed the news yesterday with his review of my Unexplored Worlds: The Steve Ditko Archives v2. "As always, Fantagraphics’ top-notch presentation makes the publisher the go-to stop for comics preservation."

The review also links to his review of my Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives v1 - "it’s assembled by Blake Bell, who wrote the terrific Ditko bio 'Strange and Stranger' in 2008" - as well as his review of the aforementioned Ditko biography/art book o' mine, Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko - "it’s one of the year’s finest nonfiction works on the comics industry."

Remember, you can join my newly-created Steve Ditko Archives Facebook Page for updates on volume 3 in the series, or follow my Twitter feed at @blake_bell.

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