Saturday, May 28, 2011 page for Steve Ditko Archives v3

Fantagraphics is the publisher for all my books and they've just created a couple of pages on the website related to all my Steve Ditko books. Check out the Steve Ditko Archives series page, which has links to all three of my Ditko books, as well as the new Mysterious Traveler: Steve Ditko Archives v3 page. This is where you'll be able to pre-order the book from Fantagraphics, as well as get access to reviews, videos, and all sorts of other exclusives. You can also join my Steve Ditko Archives Facebook Page for all sorts of content related to the series, and follow me on where I'll update even more minutia about my work on volume 3. I'm off now to organize the Table of Contents. Twitter updates to follow!


  1. Just to let you know, I love all your books and buy them all new, but... ... Your newest Steve Ditko book, " The Mysterious Traveler, The Steve Ditko Archives vol. 3" Fantagraphic Books 05-2012 was published with a page omitted due to a possible lack of over site of the publisher's quality control dept.. The story in the book, "The Forbidden Room", obviously is missing a page there. Please check it out. Thanks. Also check the customer review area for the book on which gives the book a one star review by a buyer clearly upset due to the missing page mix up.. Thanks again

  2. In the introduction to "Mysterious Traveler" you rip the writing for the story "I Made a Volcano" saying that the ending is mystifying.

    Could the character at the end be Hitler? The mustache and the forehead hair seem to fit the classic comic book look for Hitler; plus the quote at the beginning of the story “To destroy the old and corrupt is necessary if we are to build the new and the strong” sounds like something out of Hitler’s eugenics programs. Just a thought.

  3. I read there are actually two stories with missing pages in this third volume. I'd rather wait for a corrected printing? Is Fantagraphics still going to sell this screwed up printing? Thanks.

  4. Although I've been a comic book fan and an artist for as long as I can remember, I never got into Ditko's work until about a month ago. Just got this volume on Friday night. I'm enjoying every page of it.

    It was also a pleasant surprise to read the Acknowledgments section and to find out that a fellow Christian was so enthusiastic about Steve's work.

    Stay busy!