Thursday, July 29, 2010

Audio for Bill Everett Panel at San Diego Comicon '10

The primary reason I attended this year's San Diego Comicon was not because my Bill Everett book was debuting at the show, but because it was a chance to finally meet Wendy Everett, Bill's daughter. I couldn't pass up that chance and to do a panel and book signing with her, and to be able to hand her a copy of my book on her Dad who passed away 37 years ago. (FYI: the book likely won't be in stores until first week of September - these were copies flown in from the printers across the ocean especially for this show at a very high cost to the publisher, Fantagraphics)

I was able to accomplish all of this, and now you can listen to the audio of the panel with me and Wendy talking about her Dad (clicking on the link will start a download of the mp3, which is 50 minutes long, and 45 MBs in size). The audio for the panel is provided by fellow Canadian Jamie Coville who is the Keeper of the Audio Flame, travelling to various conventions and keeps a fabulous archive of audio files at website.

He has many other panels of interest at that link from this year's San Diego Comicon, including audio of the Eisner Awards (where Gene Colan won for Captain America #601), plus Moto Hagio and Peter Bagge who received their Inkpot Awards at the show, and my publisher Gary Groth appearing in two panels, "Comics Criticism" and "Comics Reprints". My panel with Wendy Everett was also videoed and we had a slide show, so we're looking to have it all rolled into one package in the near future for your viewing pleasure. Click HERE to view all the pics of me and Wendy at the show.

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