Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogging at 37,000 feet! Come see me at "Spotlight on Howard Cruse" in San Diego on Thursday!

"'Delta - We love to fly and it shows'...I hate those airlines that are just in it for the money!" (from my YouTube video of David Letterman's last appearance on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show, May 15 '92).

So what should I be doing hooked up to Delta Airlines' Inflight Internet Service at 37,000 feet? I should be finishing my research on the "Spotlight on Howard Cruse" panel that I'll be moderating on Thursday at the San Diego Comicon (first got to know Howard through my 2002 book "I Have To Live With This Guy!" when I spotlighted him and husband Eddie) at 3:30pm in Room 8. Not a bad deal here on Delta for their Internet - $9.95 per flight. It's been fun to review Howard's amazing range of work, and how can anyone resist the new edition of his "Stuck Rubber Baby" graphic novel? In 1995, back before graphic novels were cool, Howard released his masterpiece, far exceeding anything he had done before. It's an absolute realization of what can be done with the form. Come see us at his Spotlight and grab a copy of his opus plus all his other books that can be found at

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