Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bill Everett Archives v1 in September "Previews"

Run, don't walk, to your local comic-book store, because "Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives v1" is available in the September "Previews" catalog for ordering! This means the book is scheduled to arrive in comic-book stores in November (I'd say late November). "Previews" is the catalog from the distributor (Diamond) which supplies all comic-book stores and you can pre-order your November purchases just by contacting your local store. This is important because, a lot of times, comic-book stores order just what they know, and what customers tell them they want. Times are tight and they often don't take a chance on non-returnable books (which is all that the distributor, Diamond, offers). If you really want to see publishers continuing to put out Golden Age Comics material, you need to put your stake in the sand early, so that the publishers know this is desired material and can order enough to meet the demand.

Information you need to order:
On the Diamond Customer Ordering Form, there's an ordering code for the book (which is on pg. 297 of the catalog). The ordering code is SEP11 1101. Give this to your comic-store owner and ask him to order the book. You don't pay until the book arrives. Click HERE to read all the details about the book. The 5000-word introduction of the history of comics leading up to, and including, Bill Everett's entrance into the comic-book field in 1938 is worth the price of admission alone!