Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Launch party in Toronto last night w/ Wendy Everett

Yesterday's Book Release Launch in Toronto for my Bill Everett book was not to have been missed! It was a far better presentation than what Wendy Everett (who flew up from Cambridge, Mass.) and me had done at the San Diego Comicon. Not that what we did at San Diego was a reflection on Wendy at all but, for this presentation, I had a great deal more time to refine my approach and achieve a better flow with my questions for her. We also changed up the format. I opened with a 15-minute slideshow review of Bill's career and key images from the book, and then Wendy and I sat down and had our chat and took questions for just under an hour.

Chris Butcher, Manager of the store The Beguiling who hosted the event, tweeted this during my on-stage chat with Wendy Everett: "This presentation is utterly amazing. The story of Everett's battle with alcoholism coming from his daughter... Heartbreaking." Aaron Broverman, also in attendance, said, "I hope Wendy knows that her contribution to Daredevil in making him blind when she was just a teen, suddenly christened possibly the first disabled superhero. In doing so, she and her father provided a source of possibility, hope and inspiration for millions of kids with disabilities, including me."

Luckily, the presentation was recorded and we'll share it with you soon. The response to it has been so good that Wendy and I are looking at holding another event in New York City before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more details!

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