Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflecting on "My Bill Everett Year"

When I reflect on this past year, I am very grateful for having realized a life-long dream: to honour Bill Everett with a book worthy of his talent and career. I said this to Wendy Everett on numerous occasions in 2010 - "Fire and Water" would have been a nice picture book (that would have perpetuated many a myths about Bill...that he himself helped craft) without her contributions. Because of her, I think we have the best portrait of her Dad that we could have hoped to create, especially so long after his passing in 1973.

My favourite moments were 1) being able to add to and correct all the bio. data out there that has existed as "fact" in people's heads for a good forty years; 2) seeing the scans come into my inbox of those 1937 sketchbook drawings and that 1935 piece that opens the first chapter. Unearthing something that no one has seen before is always a treasure; 3) spending time with Wendy Everett in San Diego (handing her a copy of our book on her Dad) and then our marvellous show in Toronto where we really improved on our presentation and chat (I have a copy of it, just need a server to store it on), and especially our dinner afterwards with my son, Luke.

Having discovered Bill Everett's work when I was 12 back in 1983, when even artists like Steve Ditko weren't in vogue, it's really gratifying to share my vision of what represents his work with everyone. Thank you to all who have provided feedback on the book and your enjoyment of it, to those who contributed to its creation, and to Fantagraphics for stepping up and being very enthusiastic about publishing it.

2011 will continue "My Bill Everett Year" as we get to see "The Bill Everett Archives" come to fruition, rightfully reprinting his 1938-42 (non-Marvel) work for the first time for all to enjoy. Have a great new year, Everett Nation!

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