Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Secret History Of Marvel Comics" x 2!

Last week, we revealed the origins of how me and my collaborator, Dr. Michael J. Vassallo, brought our latest book, The Secret History Of Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby and the Moonlighting Artists at Martin Goodman’s Empire, into being. We promised a big announcement this week and here it is! Originally, the book was going to be 168 pages, but it now can be told that it is going to be increased to 300 pages! The book will make its debut at the San Diego Comicon in July of this year. so we've got some work to do, but how did we almost double the page count, while only raising the cover price by $10?

After you pre-order the book from, I want you to come back here next Sunday night for a showcase of some of the amazing artwork (toe-curling imagery that you won't believe made it onto the printed page back in the 1940s!) that has overflowed our hard drives since we announced the book back in November. We thought we had too much to begin with, but we've uncovered so much more artwork from the creme of Marvel Comics' stable of artists from the Golden Age of Comics that we were able to convince our publisher, Fantagraphics Books Inc., to jump that page count in hopes of containing it all. Remember, virtually no one alive has seen this artwork, buried in owner Martin Goodman's non-comics publications from 70 years ago, and we've uncovered even more of it in the last two months.

I update this blog every week with news about the book, but you can join the Secret History of Marvel Comics Facebook Page, or my Twitter account and Doc V's account, to get real-time updates on how we are putting this milestone book together.

To see a list of all my books available for order (or pre-order), including the first volume of The Bill Everett Archives and the third volume of the Steve Ditko Archives, go to the Purchase My Books page that I created this weekend.

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