Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bill Everett Archives v2 ToC & 23-page preview unveiled!

The release of "Heroic Tales: The Bill Everett Archives vol.2" is almost upon us! Click here to view the book's page on the Fantagraphics Books, Inc. website , has a page on its website where you can:

1) view a 23-page (!) preview.
2) pre-order the book and get vols. 1 and 2 at a major discount!
3) view the Table of Contents for the first time ever.

I emphasize the last point because the contents of the book has never been revealed until now...and it is filled with surprises! The vast majority of the book shows Bill Everett at his absolute peak, at his most refined as an artist, covering his earliest days in 1940 until his passing in 1973.

You get a huge heaping of not only his Golden Age action hero material, but his 1950s horror work, his humor and romance material, as well as his phenomenal fantasy work from the early 1970s. Most everyone knows that Bill created the Sub-Mariner (for Marvel Comics #1 in 1939) and co-created Daredevil, The Man Without Fear (along with Stan Lee) in the 1960s, but he also touched every genre in comic-book history, and you see it all in this volume.

You also get a number of essays by yours truly that covers the beginning of his days in the industry up until his passing, with quite a number of quotes by Everett from an unpublished interview in the late 1960s.

Thanks for everyone who purchased "Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives vol. 1" and we hope that you'll support this second (and last) volume dedicated to one of the medium's greatest artists: Bill Everett!

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