Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Listen to Wendy Everett discuss her Dad, Bill Everett

As we are but weeks away from completing work on volume one of the Bill Everett Archives (reprinting Bill's non-Marvel work from 1938-42), we present for the first time an audio treat for all EverettNation! Back on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Toronto, The Beguiling book store hosted a launch party for my "Fire & Water" Bill Everett biography / coffee table art book. We were blessed to have Wendy Everett, Bill's daughter and first child, fly up from her home in Cambridge, Mass. to participate in a discussion about her Dad's life and career as one of the first-generation comic-book creators.

Click HERE to start downloading the mp3 (70 MB) where I spend 16 minutes recapping Bill's career and life, and then just over an hour of me and Wendy Everett discussing her Dad. The audio is crystal clear, recorded by the people at Innis College Town Hall. Wendy is such an articulate and classy lady, so her ability to convey her emotions about her Dad's passion for comics, and the impact of her Dad's alcoholism on his career and on his family, is very vivid (thanks to Jamie Colville for hosting the audio).

Chris Butcher, Manager of the store The Beguiling who hosted the event, tweeted this during my on-stage chat with Wendy Everett: "This presentation is utterly amazing. The story of Everett's battle with alcoholism coming from his daughter... Heartbreaking." Wendy also talks about how her growing up legally blind was the influence for the character Daredevil that Bill Everett and Stan Lee (Wendy's godfather) co-created. She also shares her thoughts about pursuing an ownership claim on Daredevil.

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